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!!The AE-Adam Kondorosi Prize for research achievements in Plant sciences

The awards are given in two categories. “__The Adam Kondorosi Academia Europaea Award for Early-Career Investigators__” recognizes young scholars making an outstanding scientific contribution in the field of nitrogen fixation, plant biology and microbiology related to symbiosis. 
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The first such award was presented to __Simona Radutoiu__, Aarhus University, Denmark, at the biannual European Nitrogen Fixation Conference, held on the 12th conference in Budapest 2016.  
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“__The Adam Kondorosi Academia Europaea Award for Advanced Research__” recognizes landmark research in symbiosis and related fields that has changed our understanding and made a significant scientific impact. It will be presented at the Academia Europaea-ALLEA –YAE joint conference for the first time in September 2017 to [Professor Allan Downie|Member/Downie_John_Allan] [[John Innes Centre, UK], for his work on rhizobial-legume interactions. 
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The awards consist of an Academia Europaea diploma/medal and a donation. This prize was established in recognition of the significant achievements made in the field of Plant and Microbial Nitrogen Fixation by the late Professor Adam Kondorosi. 
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__Members of the Award Committee:__
*Jens Stougaard, ENFC president (chairman)

*Eva Kondorosi, ENFC board 

*Sharon Long, Stanford University 

*Graham O´Hara, Murdoch University 

*Klaus Palme, Academia Europaea 

*Mart Saarma, Academia Europaea 

*Luis M. Rubio, ENFC board