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!No. 04/2016, March 15, 2016

!PAST EVENT. The BKH-AE Women’s Week (WW2016)
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From March 3 until March 6, the BKH-AE held its annual Women’s Week (WW2016), in
commemoration of the UN Intl. Women’s Day. The programme of this year had the general
title “Women and Migrations. Challenges and opportunities,” and counted on the support of
a grant from the AE 2016 Hubert Curien Fund.
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On March 3, at the IEC, Mary Ann Newman, NYC, pronounced a Distinguished Lecture
under the title of “Women and cultural transmission. The essential role of translation.” Afterwards,
there was a session titled “Greater than Life. In remembrance of Lynn Margulis
(1938-2011).” Finally, at the RAMC, there was a concert on music from Syria and the Kurdistan,
by the Gani Mirzo Band. (See further down.)
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On March 4, at the IEC, it was held the Workshop “Women, migrations and war”. The speakers were Mitsi Ito
(NYC), Maryam Ghafouri (Teheran), Pere Castaño (Sabadell), Carmen Chica (Barcelona), and Salvador Giner,
MAE. Afterwards, the Intl. Year of Global Understanding was commemorated, with a plenary lecture by Silvia
Pellicer, YAE. (In the photographs, from left to right, up to bottom: Newman, Ghafouri, Ito and Pellicer.)
On March 6, following a tradition of the AE’s annual meetings, the speakers of the WW2016 made an excursion
to the Natural Park of the “Montnegre i el Corredor”, about 35 km north of Barcelona. They explored the Mediterranean forest and visited sites of historical significance at the location.
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!RECENT EVENT. Meeting of the AE’s hubs in London
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On March 14, three of the four AE’s hubs (Worcław, Barcelona and Cardiff), plus the AE’s
Information Centre in Graz, met for the first time in London. The hard-working meeting, held
in the Senate House of the UCL, had a pleasant atmosphere, and many topics of interest for
both the hubs and the AE itself were discussed and agreed on. The meeting was directed by
Prof. Sierd Cloetingh, AE President, and excellently coordinated by Dr. David Coates, Executive
Secretary, and Teresa McGovern, Administrator of the central office. Both the warm environment
at the meeting, and the mild, sunny weather in London contributed to the efficiency of the intense meeting, which everybody considered necessary to hold again next year.

!VIDEO. Music from Syria and the Kurdistan. On the “BKH-AE in Action” Video Channel
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On March 3, at the Gimbernat Anatomical Amphitheatre of the RAMC (an architectonic
and scientific jewel of the late 18th c.), took place the concert “Music from Syria
and the Kurdistan, a nation without a State”, interpreted by the Gani Mirzo Band:
Neila BenBey (singer), Francesc Puig (clarinet), Juan J. Barreda (flamenco guitar),
and Gani Mirzo (ud, buzuk, composer). The songs expressed the wish of the musicians
(from Algeria, Spain and Syria) to support the hundreds of thousand
migrants who have run away from war and religious intolerance,
trying to establish in Europe and find peace at least.
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