!!Academia Europaea Bergen Symposium Series

![Symposium site|http://acadeuro.b.uib.no/activities/meetings]

!Open Public Meeting
18:00 - 20:00, June 17, 2015\\
__Venue:__ Grand Selskapslokaler, S.r.(~40-60)

[Sierd Cloetingh|User/Cloetingh_Sierd] (AE President): Opening remarks for CONSENSUS-2015

!Theme and Question:

The Nordic Model is generally understood as a social system blending a market economy with a robust welfare system. Is the Nordic model fading – outdated? What do we learn from Piketty?

!Convener (Co):
[{Image src='karl_ove_moene.jpg' caption='' height='150' alt='Karl Ove Moene' class='image_left' border='1'}]
[Karl Ove Moene|http://www.sv.uio.no/econ/english/people/aca/karlom] (UiO, MAE): Profiling Theme and Question (20 min)
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Moderator, Convener, X (F.H. Aarebrot), Y (R. Hannesson).Debate between X and Y moderated by Co (40 min max)

Alf Erling Risa (University of Bergen), Eirik Schrøder Amundsen (University of Bergen and Copenhagen University, Chairman the Danish Economic Councils)
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Questions from Audience to CONSENSUS Panel, (20 min)
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Closure of CONSENSUS-2015 by Chair
__Grand Selskapslokaler__ (Bergens Næringsråd)\\
Main entry: Nedre Ole Bulls plass 1, 5012 Bergen\\
Office entry: Olav Kyrres gate 11, 5014 Bergen\\
(including 3 group rooms and 3 meeting rooms, capacity 6-300)