!!Aim of this server

*To present Academia Europaea and its activities

*To inform members about each other's activities and activities of their own or other sections

*To present some of the work done by sections or section members to a general interested readership, also beyond members; hence contributions like some on [Personal views on aspects of informatics|Acad_Main/Sections/Informatics/Informatics_and_Activities] or Interviews with members like with [Arnold Burgen|Acad_Main/About_us/History/Founding_Visions/Burgen_Arnold] or [Arto Salomaa|User/Salomaa_Arto/OtherInformation/A dialogue] etc. are particularly welcome and deemed important

*To show to potential members, sponsors, governmental and funding agencies the depth and strength of the work done within Academia Europaea

*To act as a repository of interesting essays, contributions and publications