!!Personal first page

*Every member of the Academia Europaea has a Personal first page. It is most easily found by clicking at [Acad_Main/List_of_Members] and typing the surname (you can also narrow down or search by Section or Country).\\

*This may fail in some cases because of the use of special characters. If you search for Lars Walloe using Walloe you will not find him directly, since the o should have a / through it. The system does however suggest alternatives. In this case it suggests:\\''The name 'walloe' was not found. Possible alternatives: Wyllie Wyllie Walløe''\\and now by clicking at the last alternative you do find the entry for our president.\\

*By now clicking on his name you get to the page\\''http://www.ae-info.org/ae/User/Walløe_Lars''.\\

*This is the personal first page. It shows the username ''lwalloe'' (notice the normalization). All pages that can now be reached via the four big buttons at the bottom (the first one ''Curriculum Vitae'') lead to pages that can be changed (edited) by the person at issue. Also, new pages can be created in this personal space. This is a bit more complicated and is described separately.\\

*To find members or activities members are involved in, try to use the powerfull search function. Typing e.g. Walloe finds a number of pages where Lars Walloe is mentioned. Or type nobel* and you get quite a few hits of members who recieved the Nobel-Prize, or are on the Nobel-Prize-Committee, or such.