!!Benefits for Members of Academia Europaea

*__Recognition:__ Members of __Academia Europaea__, known as MAEs, are elected on academic distinction. We now have more than 5500 members worldwide, including more than 80 Nobel laureates. Election to membership is an honour and recognition of excellence and impact in science and scholarship. 

*__Influence and impact:__ Supporting policymaking in Europe is an essential part of our mission. We work on science for policy through the [SAPEA|https://www.sapea.info] (Science Advice for Policy by European Academies), part of the European Commission’s [Scientific Advice Mechanism|https://scientificadvice.eu]. 

*__Networking, collaboration and interdisciplinary exchange:__ There will be many opportunities to connect with fellow Members across Europe and beyond with our annual conference standing out as a key highlight. Participants can look forward to an exciting programme, featuring distinguished Members of __Academia Europaea__ who will share insights and perspectives across various disciplines. Additionally, AE’s Hubs host a range of events - physical, hybrid, and online - that you can either attend or actively participate in. Academia Europaea actively promotes interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge sharing among its diverse membership. With its [Class and Section structure|Acad_Main/About_us/Academic_Management], AE facilitates networking within your own discipline/subject area and encourages cross-disciplinary interactions.

*__Access to resources:__ Members gain access to a range of resources, including the [Members database|Acad_Main/List_of_Members], AE’s flagship journal, [European Review|Acad_Main/Publications/European_Review] as well as funding opportunities such as our [Curien Fund|Acad_Main/Activities/Curien_Fund]. Our monthly newsletters keep you up-to-date with what’s happening at __Academia Europaea__. We include upcoming events, calls for nominations and other activities of interest to Members.