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!!COVID-19: a living systematic map of the evidence
__[EPPI-Centre|http://eppi.ioe.ac.uk/cms/Default.aspx?tabid=53] (Evidence for Policy and Practice Information and Co-ordinating Centre) and their partners maintain an up-to-date map of the current evidence, partitioned into broad domains for easy exploration.__
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The [website|http://eppi.ioe.ac.uk/cms/Projects/DepartmentofHealthandSocialCare/Publishedreviews/COVID19Livingsystematicmapoftheevidence/tabid/3765/Default.aspx] presents hundreds of papers, and 88 reports categorised under ‘social and economic’ impacts alone and it is ‘living’, i.e. it is being updated regularly as new reports come out. The website is a useful resource of evidence that wishes to consider published science on the Covid-19 crises.