!!TOPO-Europe 10th Annual Workshop
!17–19 September 2014, Barcelona

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[Topo-Europe|http://www.topo-europe.eu] addresses the 4-D topographic evolution of the orogens and intra-plate regions of Europe through a multidisciplinary approach linking geology, geophysics, geodesy and geotechnology. TOPO-Europe will hold its 10th Annual Workshop in Barcelona on 17–19 September 2014. 
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__Second Circular\\
Meeting Announcement__
!!Topo-Europe 2014
!!Interplay between surface, lithospheric, and mantle processes
!Barcelona, September 17-19, 2014
!(fieldtrip on 16th lead by Jaume Vergés)
!Important dates:
*Early-bird registration before June 30th
*Regular registration until August 10th
*Abstract submission until August 10th
The 2014 TOPO-EUROPE Meeting will be held in Barcelona at the ''CosmoCaixa Museum
of Science'' located at the slope of the Tibidabo Mountain. This 3-day conference will focus
on the links between topographic evolution, crustal and lithospheric mantle structures, and
geodynamic processes occurring at various depth- and time-scales.\\
The conference will be multidisciplinary including participants from geodynamics,
tectonics, seismology, sedimentology, geomorphology, oceanography, etc. Attendance is
open but limited to a 100 participants, and contributions (mainly posters) will be welcome
on all topics related to the evolution of the Earth's topography. Students’ attendance will be
stimulated and stimulating. A preliminary program and registration details will soon be available.

!Invited speakers:

Carolina Lithgow-Bertelloni (UCL, London)\\
Peter Decelles (U. Arizona, USA)\\
Taras Gerya (ETH, Zurich)\\
Peter Van der Beek (Grenoble)\\
Christian Hubscher (U. Hamburg)\\
Manel Fernandez (ICTJA-CSIC, Barcelona)\\
Lars Stixrude (UCL, London, UK)\\
Laurent Jolivet (UPMC, Paris)\\
Karin Sigloch (Oxford, UK)\\
Thorsten Becker (U. Southern Cal., USA)\\
Hitoshi Kawakatsu (Tokio)\\
Trond Torsvik (Oslo, Norway)\\
Hans Thybo (Copenhagen)\\
François Roure (Paris)\\
Barbara Carrapa (U. Arizona, USA)\\
Francisco Sierro (U. Salamanca, Spain)\\
David Egholm (Aarhus University, Denmark)\\
Oliver Korup (Potsdam)
François Roure (ILP, France) 
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__The Program Committee:__\\

Claudio Faccenna, University of Rome, Roma Tre, Rome, Italy\\
Daniel Garcia-Castellanos, ICTJA-CSIC, Barcelona, Spain\\
Sean Willett, Dept. of Earth Sciences, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland\\
Sierd Cloetingh, University of Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands\\
Niels Hovius, Potsdam University, Germany\\
Manuel Fernàndez, ICTJA-CSIC, Barcelona, Spain\\
Montserrat Torné, ICTJA-CSIC, Barcelona, Spain

!!Preliminary Program:
*Session 1.- Resolving the deep Earth: The sublithospheric contribution to topography

*Session 2.- Lithospheric dynamics shaping the surface of the Solid Earth

*Session 3.- Paleotopography, sea level, and surface processes

*Session 4.- Source-Sink: surface mass transport and the sedimentary basin record

*Session 5.- Messinian salinity crisis: a natural laboratory for deep-surface interactions

*Session 6.- TopoMod-ITN final meeting

!!Call for abstracts

Abstract submission until August 10th 2014.


!Topo-Europe 2014 - Interplay between surface, lithospheric, and mantle processes\\
Barcelona, September 17-19, 2014\\
Venue: [CosmoCaixa|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CosmoCaixa_Barcelona] Museum of Science, located at the slope of the Tibidabo Mountain
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Registration and abstract submission is open. __Attention:__ The early-bird prices will last only until the end of June!
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The conference registration fee comprises the lunch for the three conference days and two social dinners: 

*Early-bird registration before June 30th 2014 (200€; 100€ for students)
*Regular registration until August 10th 2014 (240€; 150€ for students)

Summer is approaching and hotels in Barcelona get quickly full for September. If you plan to join this Topo-Europe meeting, and we wish you do, then better arrange your accommodation immediately. 
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Further details in the [webpage|http://www.iplusdinnova.com/es/conference/topo-europe-2014-earth-top-down-bottom] of the meeting.
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For issues related to registration, abstract submission and hotel booking, please contact Anna Planas: [anna.planas@iplusdinnova.com|mailto:anna.planas@iplusdinnova.com]
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Download the [meeting announcement|2014 meeting Topo-Europe Barcelona - 1st circular.pdf] containing a preliminary programme and list of invited speakers.
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