!!Digital libaries and 3D Objects

!In the PDF File [Dieter Fellner|User/Fellner_Dieter] explains [some of the projects carried out by his group GID in Darmstadt|acadeurop.pdf]\\ 

!The pictures below show part of the reconstruction of a 3D statue using picture fusion, i.e. successively combining various views.\\

[{Image src='statue-m2.jpg' caption='' height='300' alt='statue-m2.jpg'}]
[{Image src='statue-m1.jpg' caption='' height='300' alt='statue-m1.jpg'}]
[{Image src='statue1a.jpg' caption='' height='300' alt='statue1a.jpg'}]
[{Image src='statue1b.jpg' caption='' height='300' alt='statue1b.jpg'}]
[{Image src='statue1c.jpg' caption='' height='300' alt='statue1c.jpg'}]

[{Image src='scan-fusion.jpg' caption='scanfusion' width='900' alt='scan-fusion.jpg'}]