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No. 03/2015, December 1, 2015#

The new website of the BKH-AE is now available at:#

This website is under construction during December 2015. Please tell us if you have any observation.

December 9th Disputatio of Barcelona 2015 (Royal Chapel of St. Agatha, Gothic Quartier)#

NATURAL VS. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 18.00 h – 19.30 h Disputantes: Núria Sebastián, MAE (UPF) and Ulises Cortés (UPC)
20.00 h – 21.30 h CONCERT: Lídia Pujol, Around the music and concepts of Ramon Llull (1232-1316)
(Previous registration is required.)

December 11th Academia Europaea InterSection Workshop#

The panoptic vision of the world: The influence of technology and humanities on society

09.00 h – 17.00 h (Institute for Catalan Studies, Carme 47, Nicolau d’Olwer Room)

  • Convenors: Rosalia Vargas, Genoveva Martí, Maria Paradiso
  • Plenary lecturers: Anne Buttimer, Salvador Giner
  • Speakers: Amadeu Viana, Marc Mayer, Víctor González Galera, Naba Barkakati, Xavier Maymó, Ricard Guerrero, Teresa Riera, Enric Banda
18.00 h – 19.30 h Super Computing Centre of Barcelona (Jordi Girona, 29, UPC)
  • Convenor: Ulises Cortés. Presentation by Alexander Fidora: “Ramon Llull, proto-European, and proto-founder of computational sciences”
Visit to the Centre. (Previous registration is required.)

The International Advisory Committee of the BKH-AE#

Institute for Catalan Studies
The mission of the International Advisory Committee (IAC) is to recommend and supervise the academic activities of the BKH-AE. It identifies specific topics of interest to organise activities and suggest guidelines for the strategies of the BKH, according to the BKH’s mission of promoting multidisciplinary activities from a Mediterranean perspective. The IAC is currently composed of ten members, from five different Mediterranean countries. The IAC will hold its second Annual Meeting in Barcelona on December 10, 2015. At the Institute for Catalan Studies (Carme 47, Barcelona).

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