Why log in if I just want to have a quick look?#

You don't have to log in to look at anything. However, when you are logged in you can - whereever you are - click at "Comment" and leave a remark: this may be a correction, a statement of your opinion, or it may be a link.

To create a link in a comment you only have to know the URL you want to link to. Suppose you want to link to http://www.ae-info.org/ae/Acad_Main/Nominations, the page informing about the nomination process, then you type: Opening square bracket, any name you want to give to the link (if we want to name the link Nominations it would be just that, Nominations), then a vertical stroke, then the URL, in our case http://www.ae-info.org/ae/Acad_Main/Nominations and then a closing bracket: Nominations.

Important: #

If you write a comment, the owner of the page where you added the comment is notified. The owner of this page can also see who wrote the comment and click on the name: the comment-writer's name becomes visible, including the E-mail address, so you can now start a discussion with whoever wrote the comment. Of course, you can also add a comment to the page that was commented!

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